Some exquisite Christmas gift ideas for gadget freaks

Out just in time for christmas: Motion sensitive speakers. This fashion piece changes the volume or tunes different radio stations by passing a hand in front of the relevant sensor. It also has a built-in ambient lighting system and is meant to be used with virtually any power source: it can be powered through traditional AC power, four AA batteries, or a computer’s USB port.


The future has begun… Mics & Headsets are yesterday’s news, now we like to speak into a small plastic furry monster thing – short Verball.


Once connected it will flash its horns and wave its arms for incoming calls and also move their mouths in time to the person speaking to you. It acts as microphone and speaker and works best with skype. All you need to do is connect it to any USB port and get talking.

Or how about a multi-tool Swiss Army knife with an a USB flash memory drive? Sure useful if you get lost in the Alps.


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