Zune is out – Microsoft vs. Apple

The Apple iPod has for sometime now seen dominance in the MP3 player market. Its ease of use, wide array of iTunes downloadable content and various designs have made it a must have for many a gadget loving person and beyond. Apple computer rival Microsoft, long seeking to gain greater market share through its PlaysForSure alliances with third party companies like Creative and SanDisk, has grown tired of the white player and is now aggressively preparing its own entry: the Zune. This portable media device has some of the same features as the iPod and is also designed to let you wirelessly share music with others.Which will win? The odds on favorite is the Apple iPod given its current loyal following. That being said, Microsoft is known for pecking away at a competitor’s lead through learning by example and producing a better product with each new generation.
The Zune is a sure sign Microsoft has learned from their PlaysForSure mistakes and is looking for a fight.

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