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Ramadan’s too tough on some…. “Starvin” Muslim snatched Queen’s Swan

A Muslim who killed a swan while fasting during Ramadan has been given a two-month prison sentence.Shamsu Miah, 52, killed the mute swan at a boating pond in Llandudno, North Wales, on September 25.When challenged by police he said: “I am a Muslim, I am fasting, I needed to eat.” Llandudno magistrates were told that […]

Rocket man – In hospital with severe internal injuries after trying to launch a firework rocket from his backside!

 The incident in Sunderland was captured by a gang of youths and the fuzzy mobile phone footage shows a blinding white flash followed by hysterical laughter and one youth shouting “ha ha ha ha that’s f******* nice”. It is believed the 22-year-old had recently returned from a tour of Iraq. Witness Daniel Kassim, 16, said: […]

It’s okay to be gay… in South Africa

South Africa has become the first Africa nation to legalize same-sex unions. The Civil Union Bill, which was passed by 230 votes to 41 in parliament, provides for “the solemnisation of civil partnerships” of people 18 and over. The bill defines a civil partnership as “the voluntary union of two adult persons of the same […]

Zune is out – Microsoft vs. Apple

The Apple iPod has for sometime now seen dominance in the MP3 player market. Its ease of use, wide array of iTunes downloadable content and various designs have made it a must have for many a gadget loving person and beyond. Apple computer rival Microsoft, long seeking to gain greater market share through its PlaysForSure […]