Makeup is possible secret weapon against skin cancer

It may turn out that women have a secret weapon to protect themselves against skin cancer—an every day product many women use regularly, if not every day: Makeup!

Sunscreens reduce the effects of the sun’s rays, but the sun still gets through and radiation damage to the DNA of the skin cells can still occur. As this radiation damage accumulates, the risk of skin cancer becomes more likely.

Makeup, however, is a true sun block, and a good makeup will actually block more sun than a sunscreen, which only reduces exposure. The pigment color acts as a barrier to the sun, and if it is thick enough or dark enough, it will act as a total sun block. Makeup foundation is composed of micronized powder and minerals in a liquid base. This powder acts as a reflector to the sun’s radiation. When the makeup contains minerals, it also acts and an antioxidant and helps repair sun damage.

Now, many younger women do not need to wear foundation to cover up wrinkles or spots or other cosmetic flaws, but in terms of preventing skin cancer, the younger you wear makeup, the better! Of course, most women do not wear makeup to the beach or pool, and there are obviously practical issues of wearing foundation in situations where you will be swimming or perspiring.

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