"How is this fair? Or, more importantly, how is this right? " banned on MySpace

Wired published a letter written by a convicted sex offender after being banned on the mostly popular MySpace.com. Here’s what he had to say:

First of all, I am a registered sex offender myself, and have been offense free (by the grace of God. Yes, He really does help people, even sex offenders!) for the last nine years of my life.

I had, up until this afternoon, a MySpace account. Certainly, I had a few minors as friends, simply because I’m in an online Gaming Clan, which has both adults and minors playing together. None — I repeat in caps, NONE — of my conversations with any of them, which are few and far between, have ever even come close to the border of inappropriate. I have never discussed sex at all with any of them, nor do I make any innuendos or allude to any desire for them — namely because I have none.

I am devoted to my fully adult girlfriend, and have no desire for minors: female or male. Yet, in an act that completely throws fairness and justice to the wind, I have been banned from the site … due to the fact that some sex offenders have used the site for wicked intentions. How is this fair? Or, more importantly, how is this right? …

I use (MySpace) for the most part to find good music bands to listen to, as well as more buddies to game with.

Are we so choked by fear as a country that we’ve forgotten or denied the ability of persons to change? Change, contrary to popular thought, is POSSIBLE. I have not committed another sex crime in the nine years since my conviction. And I’m not alone in such a claim.

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