Google expanding into mobile space with Zingku

“Supercharged mobile txt & picture messaging for you and your friends” Google has bought another social network. a mobile social network: Zingku.

Zingku is a mobile social network. Simply put, the service gives users the ability to send and receive text and picture messages between friends. It is a way for trusted friends to send invitations using the standard text messaging service that is available on all mobile devices. The service is also available on the web.

Some of Zingku’s features include:

* Store & fetch mobile photos and txt reminders with alarms on your companion mobile web site.

* Share mobile photos and posts with friends and friends-of-friends with txt msg’ing, instant messenger, & web.

* Gather a big crowd & their friends with txt messaging, IM, and email, all at once!

* Take an instant poll among friends, all with txt messaging. “Hey what should we do ? 1. Movie 2. Dan’s party”

* Your own mobile cards that people fetch by txt’ing a magic code. Make as many as you want & link them together.

* Fetch postings from any blog or any syndicated feed (RSS, Atom) to your mobile phone via txt message.

The service is currently limited to the US and new user signups are frozen until
Zingku migrates to Google’s servers.

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