Decorate With Your DNA


Everyone likes to make a personal statement in the way they decorate their living spaces. But just how personal can it get? How about having your DNA or Fingerprints all over the flat?

DNA-11 creates costum art from your DNA or Fingerprint. And this is how it works:

The whole process until you get your piece of art takes from 6-8 weeks. For the DNA-Print:

Step 1: Select your color and size options from our secure online store.
Step 2: DNA 11 sends you an easy to use collection kit complete with instructions.
You will receive your kit within 10 days.
Step 3: Follow the step-by-step direction and send your DNA sample back to our labs using the pre-addressed envelope.
Step 4: Your DNA sample is processed in our secure lab:
DNA is extracted and we run it on a “gel”
The gel is photographed using a special camera
The end result is a ‘raw’ black and white digital file.
This usually takes up to 4 weeks.
Step 5: We digitally enhance and customize your DNA fingerprint. We then print your art piece on the highest quality canvas using our in house Giclee printer.
Step 6: Each art piece is visually inspected, ensuring the highest quality standards. Your art is then hand varnished and signed on the back by the founders of
DNA 11. Duration: up to two weeks.
Step 7: Your art piece is shipped to you rolled in a protective tube.

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