The Power Of Chocolate


Even more proof how good chocolate is for you! Who doesn’t like it? And now you have got even more reason to indulge…A new research suggests that chocolate is a natural mood booster and energy booster. Old news actually, because it has been to have these health benefits for quite some time.

This study however has been published in the British Journal Of Psychiatry. The researchers apparently found a link between chocolate cravings and a person’s personality. According to their surveys, 54 percent reported food cravings when feeling depressed and of which 45 percent craved chocolate in particular.

The result suggests that people with certain personality styles crave chocolate, not only when they are depressed, but also when they are anxious and irritable and that eating chocolate improves their mood.

Now skip those anti-depressants and treat yourself with some delicious chocolate.

Also good to know: Previous studies have shown just how healthy dark chocolate is. It’s a food featured amongst others, which some scientists recommend for cardiovascular health.

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