The Anorexia Campaign


An anorexic model recently posed on an Ad campaign and caused quite a stir. In an attempt to "raise awareness of the illness", Isabelle Caro appeared on the advert next to the slogan "No Anorexica".

Caro, 27 but looking more like 57 and weighing around 31 kilogramms, has been suffering from the illness for 15 years.

The campaign has certainly been noticed worldwide but met mixed responses. Some say it’s about time that the fashion industry realised what a danger anorexia poses, other think that this publicity could make matters worse for those suffering from it.

One to fully back the campaign is Italian health minister
Livia Turco:

“An initiative like this can effectively open an original and privileged communications channel with young people with a message of great impact that can promote responsibility towards the problem of anorexia,”

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  1. i want to help them. i don’t know cofioused with all this…

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