Most Haunted Places

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Don’t you just love digging through the world wide web uncovering ghost stories, encounters with the paranormal and undead? And it’s the perfect time of year to do so. Some places have a long history of ghost sightings and people swear that they are actually haunted by ghosts. Some of those places are considered the most haunted in the world, where the dead freely roam about… Here are a few:

Ballygally Castle – Ballygally Bay, Ireland:

Built in 1625 by James Shaw, it is believed that the ghost of Lady Isobel Shaw haunts the castle. The wife of James was locked in a room by her husband and starved to death. She is known to be a friendly spirit who enjoys knocking on doors and then disappearing.


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The Tower of London

One of the most famous and well-preserved historical buildings in the world. is apparently haunted. Murders and executions have taken place here and numerous ghost sightings in and around the building have been reported. The ghost of Ann Boleyn, one of the wives of Henry VIII, in particular.


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Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh, Scotland

Known to many as the most haunted spot in Scotland, the castle is thought of as an eternal spot of unrest for fallen soldiers.

In 2001, Edingburgh castle was the subject in an experiment contucted by Dr. Richard Weisman. 240 people volunteered, ignorant of the castle’s ghostly reputation. Almost all of them reported some sort of paranormal experience, from physical touching, temperature changes to tugging at their clothes.


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The Borley RectoryBorley, England

Ah England: Land of fish and chips and ghosts… Many people believe the Borley Rectory to be the most haunted place in England. Built in 1863 as a home for Reverend Henry Bull. Once the build was completed, paranormal activity started to occur. Strange odors, cold spots, moving of objects and ghostly apparitions. A fire destroyed the rectory in 1939. Nine years before that however, Marianne Foster, wife of Reverend Lionel Foster, had a mostly disturbing experience. It is reported that some kind of spirit entity tried to communicate with Marianne by scratching the messages on the walls and the whole episode was apparently captured on camera -surprisingly it can’t be found on YouTube.

letters letters from a ghost…scrap of paper with communication between Marianne and the ghost.

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The Bell Farm Adams, Tennessee, US

It’s not just happening in Britain. The Bell farm in the state of Tennessee, was subject to ghostly occurrences and paranormal activity in the 2005 movie “An American Haunting” and numerous other tv specials, books ect. The whole story behind the Bell farm haunting has been spread throughout the world like wildfire, because it is the only documented case in paranormal history where a ghost became responsible of a death of a living person. Between 1817 and 1821 the Bell Family was terrorized by a spirit believed to be a woman, who also became known as the Bell witch. She is said to have perturbed and tortured John Bell so much that it ultimately lead to his death.

bell witch

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The White HouseWashington D.C., US

Probably the most famous building in the United States and also known to be visited by the spiritworld. Several former dead presidents have been spotted walking about the white house. Amongst them, spotted numerous times, is Abraham Lincoln: Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, during a visit, was awakened by a knock at her door and saw the ghost of President Lincoln facing her in the hallway.

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In recent years this one has been seen regularly spooking in and around the White House and scaring little children:


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Singapore it reportedly the most haunted city in Asia and has many places considered ghost infested. One ghost apparently goes around slapping people at the Changi Beach House and another one at Bedok Tenant House supposedly even killed a resident and turned them into a restless ghost as well.

The Catacombs MuseumParis, France

Reconstructed in the 1860s to support the housing developments and boulevards, the Catacombs of Paris are built of human bones. Paris’ graveyards were looted and the remains of the deceased used as building material. Needless to say, the spirits were not amused.


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