Gold And Silver Anyone?

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Everyone’s investing. Be it stocks, bonds or property. Whatever happened to the precious metals, like silver or gold?

The Monex Deposit Company, short MDC, shows us that the business is still very much alive. Having been Americas metals investment leader for over 30 years, Monex has now established client transactions totaling over $25 billion.

Investing in metals – How does it work?

Depending on your personal preferences, there are numerous options of investment. For instance, an all-cash purchase allows you to invest in gold, silver, platinum or palladium outright which will be delivered by US mail, registered and insured. Or maybe you want it stored at a secure and independent bank within the US.

Why choose silver?

According to Monex, silver is well worth an investment. Speaking long-term, silver and gold are considered solid and as a store of value. Available silver products include: bullions, 90% & 40% Silver U.S. Coin Bags, Silver American Eagles and Canadian Silver Maple Leafs.

More detailed information on Gold, other metals and information on precious metals investment, can be found on the MDC website.

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