DIY Duct Tape Book Cover

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There’s a simple, inexpensive and easy way to keep textbooks in good condition:

The Duct Tape Book Cover :

Make a pattern for your cover by tracing the book cover onto some paper.

Add 3 inch “flaps” to each end of your pattern. Cut out the pattern.

Make “duct tape fabric”.

Place the tape sticky side up on a flat surface. Tear another strip of tape and place it lengthwise on top of the first strip so that only half of the sticky is covered.

Flip the “fabric” over and continue sticking new strips to the exposed sticky areas of your “fabric” until you have a piece of duct tape “fabric” larger than your pattern.
You will place two strips, face down, each time you flip sides of your “fabric”. Take care to overlap the edges slightly to avoid leaving a sticky line that will be in contact with your book.

Trace your pattern onto the “cloth” and cut it out.

Crease the flap line. Fold it down firmly and then unfold it to make the crease.

Place two short pieces of tape to the cover as shown, sticky side down and with a few inches going beyond the edge of the cover.

Fold the two short pieces back towards the cover, exposing the sticky side up. As you hold them in place, fold the flap along the crease and onto the ends of your short pieces of tape. Press down firmly. The flap should now create a pocket that leaves room for a book cover to be inserted within the flap.

Repeat for the other flap.

Place a strip of tape along the bottom edge so that half of it is under the cover and the other half is seen, sticky side up.

Fold the strip’s sticky side over to cover the raw edge.

Repeat for top edge of cover.

Snip the flap open again at all four edges.

Slide the covers into their pockets.

Enjoy your protected book!

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