Angelina’s Veiny Arm

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Ok, I know we all got our little blemishes here and weight issues there and stretch marks and all of the nasty stuff that is “normal”. However, I don’t know about this:


(image credits: A Socialite’s Life)

Angelina Jolie on the set filming her latest movie and that veiny arm. It’s just perfect for Halloween I think. A closer look at it, bizarre and somewhat frightening:


(image credits: A Socialite’s Life)

This should make every “normal” and “average” woman feel a lot better about herself. Although on one hand I think the veins look really creepy, on the other I keep saying to myself: how cool of her! Ever thought of how many people, especially women, idolize her? And showing such an obvious beauty defect is pretty brave! I’ve never particularly liked Angelina or her movies, but if she keeps her frightening veins she may even grow on me.

2 Responses to “Angelina’s Veiny Arm”

  1. and what the heck exactly is she supposed to do to *not* keep her veiny arms?

  2. She’s showing it off because she doesn’t view it as a “defect”. She’s actually claimed that it’s her best feature.

    I can kind of understand. My forearms are similar – those veins don’t just pop out overnight. They’re a hallmark of a low body fat %. You have to work for them, so when they appear you’re proud.

    Personally, I feel hers is a bit too pronounced. She does often look unhealthily thin. However, she’s still utterly beautiful. I wasn’t sure about her acting ability either – until I saw Changeling.

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