Christmas Wishlist – What’s on Yours?

A bit early but then again, Christmas will be here in no time. So I have started my wishlist, it was pretty long but cut it down to five little items I would love to see under the Xmas tree wearing my name:

My laptop’s getting kinda old and overall, I think it is way to big to drag around. The power of simplicity, this is the future I think… although it’s really utterly basic I’m loving the design and the whole “unbreakable” concept of the Asus EEE Laptop:


I think this would make a fantastic laptop on the road. It’s just so small and pretty. Sigh….

The next thing on my list is more of a because-everybody-else-has/wants-one desired object: The Apple iPhone

apple-iphone_400x400 I would love and cherish it till the end of time (or at least until the next more advanced apple phone is released), I swear!


Somewhat unusual but would be a fantastic xmas present: Laser eye surgery. I hate wearing glasses, I hate wearing contact lenses for numerous reasons. Laser surgery is relatively safe and the costs have dramatically decreased over the past few years. So yeah, number three on my list, having my eyeballs lasered.

A little taste of what it would be like in Willy Wonka’s factory, gimme that Chocolate fountain already! filthy nerd

chocolate_fountain_large I want one not because I love chocolate, but these things are dead cheap now and well, almost everyone should have a chocolate fountain.

Uma Thurman’s über-cool yellow jumpsuit from “Kill Bill” plus Samurai sword. One can’t go without the other so this counts as one item:


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