We All Know: TV Is Bad For Toddlers But "Barney" Is Ok

It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t let your kids watch too much tv and yet another study also supports this, BUT, toddlers can still watch “Barney” and “Arthur” whilst “Rugrats” and the “Power Rangers” are a big no-no.


(AP Photo)

Why? Because every hour per day that kids under 3 watched violent child-oriented entertainment their risk doubled for attention problems five years later. The study shows that educational shows however, including “Arthur,” “Barney” and “Sesame Street” had no association with future attention problems.

Parents should take a lot more responsible when it comes to television I think. Kids under 3 shouldn’t be exposed to it at all, or at least to an absolute minimum. However, is it do-able? Saying no to TV violence is like, well, may as well shut it off completely. Hardly anything doesn’t contain at least some amount of violent behavior of some sort. Plus toddlers are probably already able to surf the Internet – uncensored, YouTube has already proven to be a hit with todays kids.

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