Yucky Album Covers: The Bad, The Ugly And The Unforgivable

Even though I love a certain band or musician doesn’t mean I necessarily like the cover of their latest album. When it’s a cover by an “artist” that I absolutely hate/can’t stand, someone that makes me physically sick and rather watch the Teletubbies for 24 hours straight, than listen to a minute of their crap music, that’s when it gets really nasty.

There are some really horrific ( and that is an understatement ) ones floating about right now but the following just have to be some of the worst ever! Timeless horrible crimes:

heino German “singer” Heino and his rose bush. This cover, including Heino, should have never been distributed ANYWHERE, not even Germany.

orleans  Obviously someone must have thought it would be “cool” for Orleans to appear half naked on their cover. Probably hoping for women and gays to desperately lust after this bunch, but unfortunately that only works with hot guys. Interesting however is the arrangement on this photo, notice how the photographer placed them according to beardness? One on either side and one in the middle. They look like they’re about to jump into a bathtub together. Group hug, yay!

dead  A real killer: All my friends are dead – So they seen the cover huh? Freddie Gage is a reformed drug addict from Texas and his intentions were good. A sermon aimed at teens which tries to tell them the truth about drug abuse and make them quit but with a cover like that, the opposite is more likely.

play  Is this allowed? There is something “natural” about the Playmates, don’t they just look like they been doing this forever? Hmm, I wonder, do their wives know?

satan  Satan has been paralyzed: he must have actually listened to David Ingles record then. Ingles says he’s one of those almighty creatures whose music can magically heal you, fix your love life and make you a millionaire. All you need to do is listen? I wouldn’t risk it in a million years.

 72720  Back to the s_ _t! Millie Jackson: Noone ever wanted to see her with her panties down, especially not a member of the Jackson family.

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