Earning $500 In 5 Days… Easy

I always believed that there’s plenty of money to be made on the Internet, in one way or another. Also depending the work and amount of time you are willing / able to put into it.

A blogger, Rob, has set himself a challenge to earn $500 in just 5 days, mainly by blogging and writing articles. If you’re familiar with paid blogging, you will also know that it take patience, commitment and effort to make a decent amount of money. A lot of bloggers don’t seem to bother with post ranging from $5 to $10 and rather wait for bigger things around a few hundred $ to come by. But you should realize that if you just write say 2 $10 posts per day, you get an extra income of $600 a month. Of course most pay per post sites have certain requirements for your blog that might prevent you from starting immediately. Also it’s easy to get started but keeping it up and improving is the difficult part. Rob ended up with $459.79 and here’s how he did it:

A few money-making opportunities he used:

PayPerPost – everyone who blogs for money knows this one. Probably the best place for paid posts.

PayU2Blog – this one is another paid to blog site, however, you are assigned various articles and can’t choose. Generally they require you to write 60 words and you get paid the same amount for each post, which is $5. A pretty steady income.

Articles outsourced on DP Forums – I have had a brief look, but haven’t gotten around to thoroughly look for any paid opportunities, so I don’t know what exactly he found there. Anyway, it looks like a good resource for webmasters.

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