Blogging: Paying For Fake RSS Readers?

I don’t get this. I don’t get this at all. Would you purchase fake RSS subscribers?

Ok let’s start at the beginning, there’s this new service that supposedly provides your blog with fake RSS readers, yes FAKE RSS readers and you buy them like you would with advertising.

They have several different “packages” on sale, like 20 “readers” within 24 hours cost $20 and 50 will cost you $40. Then they have the timed options where they add “readers” over the course of a week or month. So that’s that.

I just like to know who would actually purchase their unethical service and why? The argument is that subscribers add value to the website/blog….? Well I seriously doubt that. Having had a look at their Website I’m even more convinced that this should be filed under scam.

fake_rss  Increase RSS Readers: right… temporarily maybe.

Confidential: well I wouldn’t want to be known as someone paying for fake RSS subscribers, would you?

Increase your blog’s value: I’m very very skeptical about this point. While it may increase your site’s worth, after all, the readers aren’t real. So how can you can substantial value to something that’s fake?

I honestly think this is really sad. I do realize that there are plenty out there looking to make cash on the Internet and there always be, they probably resort to this. It’s just sad, given all the awesome Blogs out there that have actual people putting lots of hard work into it.

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