The Never-Ending Winehouse Debacle [What’s Hiding In That Beehive?]

I really like Amy Winehouse’s music, I think she is a fantastic singer and I’m always amused by how she blurts everything out, uncensored. Anyway, unfortunately it seems she is lost in a neverending downward spiral of drugs, booze and that creepy crackhead-living-dead lookalike of a husband: Blake Fielder-Civil…

 blake  blake2 …who recently got arrested and thrown into jail – hear hear!

Amy is currently on her British tour and was apparently booed off on the first night in Birmingham. But what’s a hell of a lot more interesting is that big massive beehive of hers. A fascinating phenomenon, object of a lot of controversy with a lot more substance than the rest of her body…part of the Winehouse’s image, new hair trend (?), or clever storage device?

beehive1 AmyHairBIG_468x568  We were getting seriously suspicious after watching this video:

Could it be anymore obvious? The above clip was taken in Zurich and the beehive once again steals the spotlight. I don’t think it’s pure speculation, it seems pretty clear that she’s fussing around with her hair to get those illegal drugs out and snorts them, on stage.

What’s also very suspicious is reported in Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger: during the show, Amy kept “scratching herself, wiping her nose, yawning and shaking throughout the set.”

OK, well there’s another possible explanation for her strange behavior, I’m talking about a combination of head lice and a nasty cold?

So I guess the police are on to her as well cause when she went to visit crackhead husband Blake, her beehive was searched! Honestly, I don’t envy the person who had to stick his or her hand into that big black mess, god knows what else is lurking in there.

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