Bizarre: Garlic Vodka

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This is probably one of the strangest things I have read about recently: Garlic Vodka…

Not only do you get the ghastly alcohol breath but also the garlic on top. I love garlic but hate alcohol so I don’t mind the garlic breath all that much but I couldn’t stand Vodka + Garlic.

It is actually part of a new product line of strongly flavored vodkas better known by the company as “bitter nastoykas”. The company has also released horseradish-flavored vodka. It is said that the drink complements and enhances the flavor of certain dishes and it is also believed to help prevent a cold.

Makes me wonder how some people come up with these ideas. Do you wake up one morning and say “hey, why not add garlic to vodka?” Weird.


Boozing with Garlic Vodka

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