Unusual Tattoos: Connecting Dots Giraffe

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Some people have some really weird tattoos: Found on Neatorama

Colleen Venable is obsessed with giraffes (it all started when she lost a giraffe toy as a child, which sets off a 3 year hunt for that particular stuffed animal. Long story short 1,712 giraffes later, she found it!).

As part of her art project The Stalking and Murdering of a Childhood Giraffe Project, Colleen decided to get an “extremely visible invisible tattoo”: a connect-the-dot tattoo of the giraffe toy.

connect-the-dot-tattoo What do you think of this? I’m not one who’s into permanent tattoos of any kind, no matter how small they are. It may look somewhat neat up close, definitely unusual and unique, but seriously don’t her tattoo(s) look more like varicose veins than art?

Colleen on Flickr

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  1. this is wacked!

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