Amy Winehouse – Visits Husband In Jail, Puts On Furious Face

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Those pictures are priceless. Amy Winehouse has made yet another trip to the jail to visit her incarcerated crackhead husband. She’s just a sight of misery… and not just ever since they locked her guy up:

amywineBM2211_468x659 Amy visiting Blake: pulling some very odd facial expressions.

amywineSP2211_468x684  Looking rather furious.

winehouseXPO_468x1037  And once again we are asking ourselves… “What is wrong with you Amy? Why can’t you get your act together?” Some people would have thought that separating her from her boozing and drugging zombie-replica husband would do her some good, assuming he would be partly to blame for Amy’s downfall. Where this is going remains to be seen I guess, recently Pete Doherty got involved too speaking out in Amy’s defense. Um, not a good sign really.

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