Google’s Millionaire Masseuse: How I Got Lucky Massaging Google

Bonnie Brown worked as a massage therapist at Google from 1999 to 2004. She really couldn’t have wished for a better job cause Brown became a millionaire with stock options acquired while working at Google when it was just a fledgling company with a staff of 40 people.

Now she has written a book about her years working for the Internet giant and called it


She gave an interview via Google Talk for Blogoscoped:


OK. So in the beginning, there were like 40 employees with you, right? Did you massage all of them, like Sergey Brin, Larry Page…?

Yes, mostly all of them. Sergey and Larry included.

“I had a guest for lunch and Sergey was at the next table. He got up right in the middle of eating and started doing push ups on the floor. He had some kind of bet going with the people at his table. My guest was pretty surprised.”

At what point in time did you realize, I’m probably ending up a millionaire here thanks to these options?

Toward the middle of 2003, it started to look pretty promising. But I’m an optimist and I hoped for the moon right from the start.

“When I first worked at Google, there was no stress in my life, so I took flying lessons to create some.”

One more question… What is Google’s best-kept secret? 🙂

If there is one, it is best kept.

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