India’s Bad Ass Feminists "We are a gang for justice"

“They wear pink saris and go after corrupt officials and boorish men with sticks and axes.” Reading this, I had to read to the whole BBC article about those bad ass Indian feminists.


The pink women of Banda shun political parties and NGOs because, in the words of their feisty leader, Sampat Pal Devi, “they are always looking for kickbacks when they offer to fund us”.

Two years after they gave themselves a name and an attire, the pink women have thrashed men who have abandoned or beaten their wives and unearthed corruption in the distribution of food grains for the poor.

They have also stormed a police station and thrashed a policeman after they took in an untouchable man and refused to register a case.

This is one of the most heartening things I have read recently and I think it’s absolutely awesome to so them do all these things.

“Nobody comes to our help in these parts. The officials and the police are corrupt and anti-poor. So sometimes we have to take the law in our hands. At other times, we prefer to shame the wrongdoers,”

There seriously should be more of them gangs since this is truly inspiring. I hope more women particularly in countries like India will take this as an example of how to stick together and tackle the obvious problems in pink saris. You go girls!


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