Canoeist’s Latest: Leaving In A Hurry And Coded Messages

I’ve been following this story unravel for the last couple days and the latest news is about the sons.

So the guy went missing five years ago, then presumed dead when they found remains of his canoe, then turns out he went holidaying with his wife in Panama, who cashed in on life insurance and probably to avoid prosecution he turned up at a police station claiming he lost his memory.

It’s pretty clear that they were running a big nasty scam there and now even their two sons are apparently involved. Weeks before their dad John Darwin “returned from the dad” both of them gave up their jobs.

Now the elder brother appears to have left his flat in London leaving “coded” messages / instructions for his girlfriend behind. The Daily Mail says it may be instructions to get to the city airport.

According to flatmates, he left only instructions on getting to City airport, and a rambling notebook labelled “Instructions to Felicity” addressed to his girlfriend Felicity Witts.

But it’s never what it looks like, is it? Both brothers issued a statement today insisting they haven’t spoken to either of their parents since their fathers arrest.

“We very much feel that we have been the victims in a large scam,”

John Darwin remains is still being questioned and his wife, who’s currently in Panama city, is apparently planning to return to Britain where she will also face some questioning.

CanoeCoupleES_468x281  taken last year in Panama, John Darwin with his wife Anne, very much alive!

Daily Mail

It seems to me that the sons were very well involved in the fraud and as someone pointed out on in the comments section, I really think rescue service who went on a search for supposed missing John Darwin should be reimbursed.

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