Are The Spice Girls Suitable Role Models For Young Girls?

Without even looking at other people’s comments and the poll on the Daily Mail’s main site, I would say, NO, not in a million years.

But maybe it’s me that doesn’t get the whole Girl Power thing they supposedly have going on, empowering women and such….UK’s children’s Secretary Ed Balls thinks they are great role models for today’s female teenagers.

“They are good role models.

“They work hard, they are clean-living and they were about girl power.” 

Are you kidding? He must be.

Victoria aka Posh Spice – is the only one part of a “traditional family” having married David Beckham and has 3 kids with him; has had breast implants; parades around the globe being a skeletal size zero; admitted to an eating disorder; cannot sing or act.

Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Halliwell are all unmarried mothers and Mel C, Geri and Victoria all admitted to eating disorders.

Mel B has two kids by two different father, her youngest being the offspring of Eddie Murphy who insisted on a paternity test.

And Mr Balls has seen new evidence revealing that 80 per cent of the under-14s who end up in hospital with food problems are girls.

spicegirls1REX0612_468x355  Is that what Girl Power is about, starving oneself, wearing slutty clothes and have plastic surgery? No thanks

And the public disagrees with Mr Balls:


One Response to “Are The Spice Girls Suitable Role Models For Young Girls?”

  1. Girl Power just ended up being the invention of the laddet.

    The Spice Girls are a bunch of slags, Victoria was engaged to a normal every day guy…

    The average guy earned thousands and spent thousands on an engagement ring (A huge proportion of his earnings).
    David earns millions and spent thousands on an engagement ring (Perhaps less than he makes per day).

    Which one of the two guys do you think thought more of her and which one did she dump.
    She also gave the average guy the “Look at me now” and “I’m so much better off than you” treatment.

    She’s nothing more than a gold digger.

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