"Friendly" Kiddy Knicker Fetishist

People can have the weirdest and most creepy of fetishes. Kazuo Oshitani, a 48-year old guy from Osaka suburb of Ibaraki in Japan, has been arrested for littering his neighbourhood with little girls’ knickers that he wore.

Though Oshitani’s oddball fetish initially seemed to have been fairly harmless, things had recently taken a different turn.

“At first, there were only women’s underpants stuffed into my mailbox, but more recently, there were little girls’ panties that had been cut with a knife, or he had pooped in them and left them on the seat of my bicycle. He was getting worse,” a 20-something housewife who claims to have been targeted at least five times by Oshitani tells Yukan Fuji.

Oshitani is a widower that lived together with his grown son and daughter and usually always friendly when greeting his neighbours in the street.

After his arrest police raided his home and discovered hundreds of pairs of girls knickers in all designs like strawberry, candy or lamb prints.

Since last December he apparently stopped the kiddy underwear scattering and instead stuffed hardcore magazines into people’s mailboxes.

Oshitani used to dress up in the little girls’ undies and go off to work. On his way home, police say, he’d take off the panties and throw them away into other people’s properties.

“When I imagined the reaction of the people when they found the panties I’d been wearing, it made me even more aroused,”


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