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A Great Casino Guide

You don’t actually have to leave your house to join in Casino games. Playing online is a growing trend and lots of people worldwide enjoy the gambling experience from the comfort of their own home. Online Casino Bluebook makes it even more of a pleasant experience. The Casino guide is a great place to find […]

Possible Alzheimer Treatment With "Helmet Therapy"?

Interesting news on the science front: Although it doesn’t look very fancy, futuristic or anything like a medical device, this experimental helmet could possibly be used to treat Alzheimer’s. It works by delivering low levels of infra-red light which may stimulate the growth of brain cells. It’s already been tested in mice with promising results: […]

Avoiding School With Glue

Kids sometimes would go to extreme measures to avoid school at all costs and who can really blame them? Holidays are so much more fun that Maths and one school boy in Mexico apparently was uber determined to continue his Christmas holidays- so he glued his hand to his bed to avoid going back to […]