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Too Cool For School? 39 Year Old BLOKE Dressed As Schoolgirl

Technorati Tags: japanese,japan,news,police,school,wig,odd news A 39 yr old guy was arrested for trespassing in Japan : dressed as a schoolgirl, wig and all. Tetsunori Nanpei, apparently bought the uniform on the Internet to take a stroll near the school in Saitama, north of Tokyo, on Wednesday, the daily Asahi Shimbun said. When students standing outside […]

Earthquake In UK: The Biggest In 25 Years!

If you were anywhere or near Newcastle, Yorkshire, London, Cumbria, the Midlands, Norfolk and also parts of Wales last night, then you experienced the biggest earthquake in the UK for almost 25 years! Fortunately there were no reports of anyone being seriously injured. Student David Bates, 19, suffered a broken pelvis when he was pinned […]

I Want A Dog That’s Gonna Collect And Clean My Bath, Return My Cigarette And Give Tobacco To My Animals And Give My Birds A Comission

Oh and.. “return me back to the cigarette” Positively Bob Dylan.

No More Hay Fever? Here Come The "Pollen Robots"

They look like something out of an odd science fiction flick but could be useful for people suffering from hay fever: the Pollen Robot. This pod-shaped creepy looking robot is supposed to monitor the air for allergy-causing particles. Two hundred have already been sent out by a Tokyo weather forecasting company and the volunteers will […]