Freezing Eggs Inbetween Meetings

woman-and-career Lots women are turning to successful careers and making lots of money. Nothing new there. Not even motherhood gets in the way anymore cause luckily business women can freeze their eggs until they have found prince charming (or some guy with a + 7 figure bank account) will come along to fertilize them.

More than 200 women have contacted the centre about the procedure since it started providing it in October.

Forty of these are now in the process of having their eggs put on ice until they are ready to become mothers. They include Abby Rudland, who is single and in her early thirties but keen to be a mother one day.

She wants to take advantage of the procedure as “an insurance policy.”

Ms Rudland, a webwriter, said: “I’m hugely aware of my biological clock ticking. I think about it a lot.

“I think about the fact that as you get older it gets harder to have a baby and that your chances of miscarriage are higher when you get older.

“I have to be quite strict with myself not to panic and to be calm and think it will all turn out fine and it will happen.”

Kinda sparks the old question again, are older mothers better mothers? Probably, there’s pros and cons obviously but why shouldn’t women plan their careers first and have children when they feel ready and the circumstances are much better than a non-existent or runaway boyfriend, living on benefits and a council flat?

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