My Toilet My Home – Woman Sat On Boyfriend’s Toilet For 2 Years – For Real!

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230197784 Just when you think you have heard all about the weird, strange and bizarre, you come across stories like these:

A 35-year old woman from Ness City, Kansas sat on her boyfriend’s toilet for two years! She wasn’t glued nor tied to the toilet seat, just sat there… and sat there… and sat there…

Her 36 year old boyfriend said he brought her food and water and encouraged her every day to get off the toilet.

Boyfriend: “And her reply would be, ‘Maybe tomorrow,” She didn’t want to leave the bathroom.

Two years passed and he finally called the police on Feb. 27 reporting that there “was something wrong with his girlfriend”. They found her fully dressed – sitting on the toilet with her skin grown around the seat.

She initially refused emergency treatment but was eventually convinced to take a trip to the hospital.

Authorities are yet to determine whether the woman is mentally or physically disabled and what made her sit on a toilet for two years.

According to someone who knew her, she had a troubled childhood, her mother died at a young age and she was usually kept inside the house.

There’s obviously something wrong with both of them… Really weird and disturbing.

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