Quit Smoking And Afford A Mortgage

Smoking not only affects your health but your finances as well! The average smoker who goes through 20 cigarettes a day, spends approximately over £2,000 a year! A small fortune! Imagine what you could do with that kind of cash…

I could think of several things. While I have never been a smoker, I find it hard to understand why people throw their money on cigarettes knowing it could kill them and it doesn’t help with their finances.

Fairinvestment.co.uk has suggested that smokers would benefit from paying off debts instead or putting the money spent on smoking into savings.

Even though there are some mortgages available with fairly good rates, like the rather flexible Tracker Mortgage, a smoker is less likely to pay off any mortgage or debts compared to somebody who doesn’t smoke.

Additionally, monthly health and life insurance premiums add up and are usually higher for cigarette addicts.

Do yourself and your finances a favour, quit the fags!

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