Dead And Gone – What Would The World Look Like Without People?

What would our planet look like if we all just vanished overnight? How long would it take for buildings, bridges and toxic stuff to disappear and rot away? And what would remain.

I’ve seen this on the Daily Mail today and they posted several images to demonstrate how Earth would look like, if it had a population of 0. Animals excluded.


Harrods, London’s premier department store would be flooded caused by the Thames barrier burst.

There’s not much we would leave behind and given enough time, our footprints would be merely untraceable. In a few hundred years, most of what we know as our modern world would be destroyed, rotten, overgrown and surprisingly, ancient building and monuments would be better preserved.

So if Aliens would visit our planet, they would may as well think that the ancient Egyptians was the last civilisation.

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