A Fresh Breeze And $20,000

I like air fresheners. Making your home smell nice and fresh is always a good thing to do, not just because you might have unexpected guests.

When picking an air freshener you are faced with tons of different scents and products; one great air freshener that does the job is Tri Scents.

Apropos, I’ve just seen that they got this grand prize offer where anyone can enter to win a $20,000 home makeover. Imagine what you could do with 20,000… quite a bit!

Entering is easy, all you need to do is register, upload a video or write a photo essay (250 words) that shows how you have transformed your home with the Tri Scents air fresheners.

Like any contest or prize draw, there’s several rules you need to apply to if you want to enter, see official rules.

Alternatively you can download the Renuzit TriScent Starter Kit coupon, which allows you to shop locally to sample the product and try it yourself. See if you like it and maybe you want to enter to win the promotion as well.

This could surely be a lot of fun! I’ve seen some of the entries and they are rather inspiring. If you choose to submit a video or photo essay, make it a good one and demonstrate how Tri Scent has inspired you.

Talking about… time to change our air freshener… Seaside breeze… Love it!

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