Away For Easter

Ah, how nice it would be to get away on a quick break for Easter… Travelling is one of the things you should experience to the fullest.

So I guess whenever you get the chance to, you should make the most of it. Unsure where we’ll be going this year, I certainly can think of some quite awesome destinations I would love to visit. China is one of them.


Not just for the amazing food ( I just love Chinese ) but for all the fantastic attractions. Like the great wall, one of the things I just really want to see one day or the terra cotta army of Xian. Despite having watched loads of documentaries on China and various attractions, I definitely have to see them for real.

Good thing is, Flights to China are incredibly cheap and affordable nowadays, such as Dialaflight, they offer flights from GATWICK to BEIJING at £401 including tax.

Plus booking over the Internet made organizing a trip to a foreign country ultra simple.

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