Miss England No Role Model, Poster Girl For Ill health

Chloe Marshall is a size 16 “Miss England”. Naturally there’s people complaining.

I guess you can’t win, whether you’re skinny or full figured, there’s always someone to criticise you. I don’t think she looks particularly unhealthy but some nutritionist on the Daily Mail wrote

Feted and fawned over for her courage in daring to break the mould, Chloe boasts she wants to be an “ambassador for curves”.

Who on earth does she think she’s kidding? What she’s demonstrating isn’t bravery but a shocking lack of self-control.

Instead of flaunting her figure, Chloe ought to own up to the truth. She is fat and she got that way by over-eating.

Hm, anorexia vs. obesity. She looks good, perhaps she should shed some weight, but that’d be up to her. However, I don’t think if she’d be a bad role model or sending out the wrong message if she’d won the contest.

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