A Little Self-Help

I think there comes a point in everyone’s life where we all try to find a purpose. Some might go through a career change, others file for divorce or break up with their significant other.

There comes a time when you’re not really satisfied with what you got anymore. It is then when a lot of people turn to self help tools and courses. Others get a life coach, but I really don’t think that they can do as much as they claim to. You’re much better off with a little inspiration and self-improvement techniques.

I think I should add here that I am a big fan of self-help and self-improvement tools / courses.

One of these could be The Sedona Method.

I have never tried this program, so it’s really not for me to say how well it works. What has caught my eye though, was the numerous positive reviews from people who purchased it. Apropos, they are offering a free DVD, CD and Mp3 gifts on their site if you’re interested.

The course closely follows “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle and shows you how to master the law of attraction while still letting go of ego. The Secret works with A New Earth and claims to overall improve your life.

All in all I think it’s worth a look. It does look promising.


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