A Man, A Giant Nest & Egg = Loony, Not Art

So people sometimes do really weird and strange things. Especially when it comes to so called “art”.

If you happen to spot a giant nest on the Rotterdam Weena Tower, bare in mind that this is something done in the name of art.

The man in and behind the project is Benjamin Verdonck and he’s nesting, literally. When I read about his giant egg I lost it. This is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen for a while now.

Oh yes and the “project” is called “the Great Swallow”, can’t help but wonder… WHY?

A nest is hanging high from the Rotterdam Weena Tower. Feathers fly around it. There’s a man in the nest. He nested there only four days ago. He stretches his arms out wide open, as if he wants to fly. But it also seems like he is trying to stay upright (losing his feathers). Some people even think that the man wants to embrace them.

Um yeah, and some might think he’s lost his marbles.

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