Recycle your mobile phone

I used to be one of those people that traded in mobile phones after several months. Swapping your old model for a new one is something some people live for. Granted, to upgrade your iPhone for instance may be a good idea. After all, who doesn’t want to stay up to date with technological advances? I for one am looking to buy a new phone this year. I too have an older one that I will want to get rid of soon. If you, like myself, are fed up with selling phones online, another great alternative is mobile recycling. Let’s face it, you want as much cash for mobile phones as you can possibly get. If you sell your item on ebay for instance, ebay takes a big cut straight away. Then you may have to deal with non-payers ect… For lots of people, recycling a mobile phone with a company like CFM is the best solution. Everything you do is online, you get your cash for mobiles once your item has arrived in the condition you described, and the best thing is you can get a lot more than you would if you were to sell it.

I have actually recycled 2 mobile phones with companies like CFM before and must say I was very happy. No hassle whatsoever. Got my money really swiftly and even got more than I would’ve had I used ebay.

Another great thing about recycling your mobile phone, even if you think it wouldn’t be worth selling and just bin it, is the environmental part. You don’t need to throw away a perfectly good phone, just check out the link to CFM and see how much you can get. It may not be worth selling but it sure as hell is worth recycling!

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