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Crime Against Womanity: Hardly Ever Do We See Such "Educated" Stupidity

Have you heard of Dr. Michael J. Bisconti? He currently holds 8 doctorates and now gives us 12 fantastic reasons as to why a woman should/could/would never become president of the United States. Are you ready for this? He’s got some really convincing and persuasive arguments oh and his logical approach to this subject is […]

"If The Kids Named The Teddy Bear, Why Didn’t They Just Punish The Kids?"

Did you see the Sudan demo over jailed British teacher Gillian Gibbons? A bunch of morons people gathered to demonstrate against the “mild sentence” Gibbons received and some even publicly called for her to “be shot”. She was later on moved for her own safety. I’m assuming that 99,9% of those “demonstrators” were called “Mohammad”. […]

Army Jobs: Enlist Now And Get $40,000 toward a home or starting a business

No amount of money could get me to risk my life in a war or being put into a position where I’d have to kill someone else. I think I have fairly strong believes against war and the whole “fight for your country” theme. If the world’s population had just a little bit more common […]

Teddy Bear Frenzy, "Western Plot Against Islam"

The British teacher who was arrested for naming a teddy bear “Muhammad” has been found guilty for “insulting Islam” and sentenced to 15 days in a Sudanese jail. She will however only have to serve 10 days since she has already spent 5 days in custody since her arrest and afterwards deported. The school’s director […]