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Fat And Boobs Are Banished From The Runway

Technorati Tags: fashion,show,designer,size,zero,busty,models Boobs are “out” in the fashion world… this isn’t really news… I mean, have you ever seen busty models on the runway of so-called high class brands? Maybe they figured boobs are just body fat and decided this wasn’t “chic”. I never understood designers. On one hand, they are hoping to sell […]

Victoria Beckham Does The Robot

Technorati Tags: victoria beckham,beckham,spice girls,marc jacobs,advertising,fashion There’s something about this woman that just screams “fake”. I don’t know whether it’s her breasts or just her attitude that give it away. Anyway, you’ve got to give her credit for being famous for being famous. I don’t get a lot of things about Victoria Beckham, and definitely […]

In The Name Of Love Or Fashion: Two Animal Lovers Now Wear Their Pets

Technorati Tags: dogs,fur,knitting,clothing,dog hair,sweaters A pet becomes more than something you just feed and stroke everyday, it grows to be part of the family. I’m a sucker for pussies, but I like dogs as well. However, wearing any of my DECEASED pets never really crossed my mind! Turning one’s pet into a jumper; the ultimate […]

Flashy Fashion – Lighting Up Clothes And Bras

Technorati Tags: fashion,show,led,clothing,led clothing,san francisco,fashion show The Philips Lumalive line is all flashy and features LED clothing, including boots, coats and even bras. The Fashion Show took place in San Francisco. I’m not sure what to think about LED clothing. Is it cool? Um, I wouldn’t wear it. Is it original? Um, probably, I wouldn’t […]