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Heather Mills Just Won’t Go Away

Anyone who thought just for a moment that now Heather Mills has become a fairly rich gold digger woman, she would finally disappear and stop bitching in public. Well think again. I don’t get this woman at all. She seems really deluded. She must be if she thinks that she appears a sane, innocent “victim”. […]

Eva Longoria In Magnum Advert

A new spot for the ice cream company, Magnum, aired this week and it had Eva Longoria in it. I just wonder where they keep coming up with those weird names ‘Mayan Mystica’.. it sells, apparently. I used to really love Magnum ice cream and after watching Eva, I want one a bit of “Mayan […]

Sarah Brightman Resembles A Cheap Barbie Doll

I don’t get a woman’s desire to look like “barbie” at all. I mean, come on, trying for perfection isn’t the way to look beautiful. I’m sure Sarah Brightman disagrees. I can’t help but think of a discount Barbie when I look at her recent pics. To be honest, I was never really a fan […]

Amy Winehouse’s Husband Soon Out Of Jail?

Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t care about them. They are both druggies and shouldn’t be within a mile of one another, but somehow I think it’d be really interesting to see what would happen should Winehouse’s husband get out of jail. “His lawyers have been working hard and are hopeful of a good […]