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UK Fast Food Restaurant asked to provide carlorie info on menus

Fast food is not bad for you, it’s the type of food you eat that is. When talking about fast food, people usually think of McDonald’s, Burger King and the likes. The  British food watchdog is now stepping in and urging fast-food restaurants to add calorie information to their menus. High levels of salt, fat, […]

An Aspirin A Day… Could Keep A Heart Attack Away

I generally don’t believe in popping pills and taking antibiotics whenever a cold strikes. Unless I don’t feel extremely bad, I try to avoid any medication and rather resort to natural remedies… lemon, honey, ginger, sinus flushes… you name it. Over the years I have tried many different completely antibiotic free cold relievers and most […]

Sudden Cardiac Arrest – The Silent Killer

I have to admit, I am somewhat of a health freak, I take supplements and watch my diet. Another thing I like to do is keeping up to date with medical news and of course, reading about the most common fatal diseases. There’s always something you can do to reduce your risk. One silent killer […]

Breastfeeding Helps Boost IQ

There was a report a while ago claiming that breastfeeding could improve the child’s immune system. Now more evidence is being put forward that breastfeeding could help babies become more intelligent than those fed with formula. I think breastfeeding is a growing trend anyway. So there you have it, breastfeed your kids if you can.