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Older Women Make Better Mothers

Technorati tags: news, study, mothering, children So much for the ticking biological clock: According to a new study, older women make much better mothers than their young counterparts. Older women are more likely to be financially secure and in stable relationships. Something I absolutely agree with, it makes perfect sense. I don’t think there’s that […]

Tell Me A Secret

Technorati Tags: postasecret , post a secret , secrets , secrets blog Digging people’s secrets Kinda feeling sorry for this guy, he’s probably a regular at the hospital Love? A chicken cannibal

Engagement Of A Different Kind

Technorati Tags: malaysia , malaysian news , news , odd news A match made in heaven Malaysia: When a woman in her late 20’s receives a marriage proposal from 60-year old farmer, what does she do? A 28-year-old estate worker in Malaysia was the love marriage interest to a 60-year old farmer and when she […]

We Feel Fine

Technorati tags: visualization, art, feelings, design, web2.0, blog, flash, inspiration, artist, arte, application, animation, analytics, action Highly addictive! Exploring and digging the depths of human emotions in blogs: “i dont want to break up with him, but i feel pressured to”   “I don’t necessarily mean it, I’m just having fun and I feel like […]