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Damn, This Guy Really Liked His PS3

We’ve been toying with the idea of getting a PlayStation 3 for quite a while now. Reading something like this, kind of makes you think twice… It’s shocking, to say the least, how some people (literally) are prepared to kill to get a desired toy or gadget. But honestly, nothing really surprises me anymore these […]

Iraqi Girl Murdered By Father In "Honour Killing"

I hate to read about murders like these cause we all know, this probably happens every day and this is just one case that is actually being reported. A 17 year old girl was butchered by her father in Basra in the name of so called “family honour”. She only fell in love with a […]

Britain’s Super Rich Are Getting Richer, What Else Is New?

I could think of a million things I would do and buy if I was “rich”. Most of all, according to Sunday Times Rich List, I wouldn’t need to worry about ever being poor. It seems like the rich are getting richer! The top 1,000 of the richest people in the UK are worth more […]

Let’s All Switch To Mecca Time!

Some of the recent reports and news about ridiculous demands and claims made by Muslims, certainly question not only their general Intelligence but also shed a very bad light on the whole Muslim community. There’s these few who are purposely abusing the system in the name of religion. I don’t think this is right to […]