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Gun Owners Are Happier?

I’ve only read about this general social survey today and um, I don’t think it has much substance really: According to the Wall Street Journal the 2006 General Social Survey, which has tracked gun ownership since 1973, 34% of American homes have guns in them. This statistic is sure to surprise many people in cities […]

Bin Laden’s Son Wants To Live In Britain

You can’t choose your family. Osama Bin Laden’s son is reported to be ‘desperate to live in Britain’. He is married to (I’m assuming she’s British) Zaina Al Sabah Bin Laden, former Jane Felixe-Browne, 52 and a six-times married grandmother and they met at the Pyramids. Omar Bin Laden, 26, now wants to stay in […]

Liver Failure At Just 14

Apparently Natasha Farnham started drinking when she was 12. By the time she was 14, her liver was failing. “I suppose I thought I looked grown-up and would drink as much as possible – sometimes even passing out. “But now I have no short-term memory and doctors warn me that if I drink any more, […]

Aussie Magazine Runs "Win-A-Divorce" Competition

Happy ever after must be a myth: We’ve kind of gotten used to magazines running all sorts of competitions; from news cars to breast augmentations… now a men’s magazine (of course…) gives it’s reader the chance to win a divorce! In order to avoid the “till death do us part”, one has to explain why […]