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Spring vacations can be great fun. Every year we try to get away for at least a couple days. Relax, unwind or experience a great shopping trip. One of my friends went to New York last spring and absolutely loved it. She said it must have been her favourite spring vacation. They booked their tour […]

There’s Only One Place In The Middle East For Me

Dubai. A fascinating city and showcase for amazing architecture. Just recently I read a great post about Dubai’s buildings and future projects. This city in the Middle East has long been on my travel list and I actually want to visit it soon. I love the culture, the warm climate, the awesome beaches and the […]


I think one of the most underrated European cities is Budapest. People don’t really know much about it in general, except maybe that it is located in Hungary. Budapest has actually a lot to offer. It appears peaceful and bustling and is a big metropolis that treasures the old and welcomes the new. I’d actually […]


I do. It’s been such a long time since I went on a vacation, like a proper holiday. I’m always having troubles on deciding where to go though. So usually I end searching the Internet for travel ideas and sites and there actually are some really good ones out there. Like This isn’t your […]