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Doggy Bag

Right, so you wanna take your dog purse for a walk? It’s not that I would want one of these, but I have to admit… it does look quirky and “different”. Doggy bag in the shape of a Dachshund.

USB Engagement Ring Totally Geeky

Technorati Tags: usb,ring,usb ring,crystal,engagement,geek love,gadget This is totally geeky, but kinda cool: A USB engagement ring. Would it be cool to have someone propose with to you with a  USB Flash Drive Swarovski Crystal Engagement Ring ? I guess that depends on how nerdy you are. But it glitters and is useful as the same […]

Trendy Solar Leather Bags

Even though they resemble man bags, I’d still buy one: Noonsolar’s Fall collection of solar-charger cowhide shoulderbags. Quite practical on the road to charge mobile phone, ipods and other gadgets. Trendy & expensive For $410 you can acquire one and this is what you get: Flexible Solar panel on outside of bag Cable coming from […]

Skeletal Kangaroo Tote

Technorati tags: fashion, antipodium, tote, bag, size zero, weight, catwalk We know how big-a issue the weight is and we like to talk about how awful and bizarre stick figures look. So we are happy we have discovered this: Antipodium’s tote bag with the skeletal kangaroo print. The Brit/Oz fashion label launched their “size matters” […]