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For Real? Elephant Paints Self-Portrait

I remain sceptical about this: An elephant painting a self portrait. Well, I always thought that elephants were smart but if this is real, they are uber-smart and more talented than some humans. Bookmark to: Hide Sites

Hillary Clinton Wasn’t Lying! So there!

Technorati Tags: hillary,clinton,hillary clinton,election,usa,bosnia,bosnia 1996,youtube,politics,funny Watching the news daily, I’ve heard about the whole Hillary-was-lying thing that’s been circulating. Course they would digg up every tiny titsy bit that make headlines during the election process. I don’t mind Hillary Clinton and actually, I would say she’s make a good president. Anyway, in case you have […]

Pet Rabbit Vs. Robot Rabbit

Technorati Tags: rabbit,youtube,video,toy,funny rabbit This is quite funny. I guess one reason why I would never get a pet rabbit has been clearly demonstrated in this clip: they are so hard to piss off! Bookmark to: Hide Sites

Whatever Happened To YouTube? Chris Crocker aka "Leave Britney Alone", Blinks Twice, Get Over 1 Million Views

Technorati Tags: youtube,camwhore,chris crocker The world is full of horrible stuff like disease, drugs and Chris Crocker. Chris Crocker is what it is. And when I say it, I mean it, a product. “Leave Britney Alone” may have turned him into somewhat of an Internet celebrity, but I believe it was all camwhore self-marketing par […]