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(Kate) Mosstril 5000

Technorati Tags: kate moss,cocaine kate,kate,moss,funny,faux ad I bet everyone would want one of these – the Mosstril 5000 vacuum. I do. Mean? Hardly… This faux advert is just hilarious and I wish they would actually make those! Did you watch the suction of those nostrils? Bookmark to: Hide Sites

Making A Water Gun Alarm Clock

Now there’s an idea… I don’t want to try. Bookmark to: Hide Sites

Hillary (Clinton) In The House – Not The White House… Yet

Technorati Tags: barack obama,obama,hillary clinton,hillary,clinton,rodham,hillary 4 u and me,viral,video,youtube Volunteers from Texas putting on a little show in this about-to-go-viral video. Their intentions may be good but does a “fan” like this really help in times of election? Cannot help but thinking Obama is behind this! Sneaky. Bookmark to: Hide Sites

Spongebob On A Killing Rampage

Technorati Tags: deathnote,spongebob,naruto,shippuuden,one,piece,bleach,grim,billy,mandy,invade,r zim,heros,luffy,near,kira,misa,dub This has to be one of the funniest dubbed clips as of late; DeathSponge NotePants Bookmark to: Hide Sites